"Promoting Mobility for Florida's Transportation Disadvantaged"
How does FACTS promote coordinated transportation?

- Peer to peer networking
        - Identifying problems and sharing solutions
        - Providing information and recommendations to political leaders, agencies, organizations and individuals enhancing their ability to make locally appropriate decisions
       - Supporting local, state, and federal agencies which work to improve transportation

Who can be a member of FACTS?

- Community Transportation Coordinators (CTCs)
         - Designated Official Planning Agencies
         - Carriers which have contracts with CTCs
         - Vendors who sell supplies and/or services to CTCs, carriers or the Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged.
Long term goals and objectives of FACTS

- To encourage all CTCs and other eligible parties to join FACTS
         - To promote coordinated transportation, both within and between counties
         - To strive for stable and dependable funding streams for the transportation disadvantaged who may be persons with disabilities, elderly, children at risk, or low income and unable to purchase or provide their own transportation
         - To advocate for increased funding so that individuals who need assistance can receive essential services
         - To insure that passengers are transported on safe vehicles which have been serviced regularly and undergone daily and annual inspections
How will FACTS' goals be met?

- By coordinating the efforts of the members of FACTS
         - By acting as a clearing house for information which will benefit the membership
         - By focusing the efforts of the Federal, State and Local governmental entities toward mobility for all
         - By educating political leadership at all levels

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