"Promoting Mobility for Florida's Transportation Disadvantaged"
Representing the interests of:

- Community Transportation Coordinators (CTCs)
- Riders of Public Transportation
- Designated Planning Agencies
- Sub-contracted Transportation Providers (STPs)
- Vendors

FACTS was chartered in 1987 as a strong supporter of public transportation, state-wide coordination of transportation, and Florida Statute Chapter 427 which establishes and strengthens our coordinated system. 
What is Coordinated Transportation?

         Florida has 67 counties and all are served by Coordinated Transportation Systems. Hundreds of carriers in the coordinated system offer safe, cost effective transportation to the elderly, disabled, children at risk and other transportation disadvantaged persons who cannot purchase or provide their own transportation. The coordinated system offers service to varied funding sources and to the general public.

         Coordinated transportation is arranged by a single entity, the Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC), which is competitively selected by the Designated Planning Agencies and approved by the State Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged. Community Transportation Coordinators operate under the rules of Section 427, Florida Statute, and Rule 14-90, Florida Administrative Code, (14-90 covers "Equipment and operational Safety Standards for Bus Transit Systems"),  you can see section 14-90.004 by clicking here.  CTCs may operate service directly, or may partially or fully broker services to private carriers. Cost effectiveness is promoted by requiring passengers to share the vehicle with others.

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